Scorpions are quite common in El Paso, especially close to the mountains. There are two types of scorpions found in El Paso. The centruroides Vittatus has two dark bands extending the length of its back. The Desert Hairy Scorpion looks similar, except it has no stripes. Neither is poisonous. Scorpions are active at night and hide during the day. Scorpions feed on small spiders, soft-bodied insects and smaller scorpions. Scorpions have poor eyesight so they do not stalk or chase prey. They lie waiting for prey and grab it with its pinchers. Small insects are eaten right away. Larger prey is stung and eaten when it stops struggling. Both species can live up to a year without food or water. 
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ATC Pest Control
Controlling Scorpions
The home or structure should be Power Sprayed 3ft. up and out from the base of the building, rock wall, etc. Insecticide dust must be used in combination with the Power Spray treatment for effective control. This thorough application will not only control scorpions, but will also eliminate most, if not all of their prey.  
Preventive Measures 
1. Clear all debris from around home or building
2. Any holes or crevices in rock or building walls should be patched or sealed