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These tiny ants (1/32 inch long) frequently live and nest indoors. Their color is yellowish with a dark tipped gaster. Pharaoh ants nest in dark, narrow spaces. They are commonly found in wall voids in homes. They are attracted to and feed on foods high in sugar and proteins. 
Pharaoh Ants 
Odorous House Ants 
The common Odorous house ant nests inside or under objects, such as mulch and stones. They are medium in size and produce a distinctive smell when crushed. Like the Pharaoh ant , it is also attracted to sweets. Although they generally nest outdoors, at times they do invade interior wall voids. 
Red Imported Fire Ants
The Red Imported Fire Ant is one of the most common ant species in the southern US. Fire Ants almost always nest outdoors and build mounds with no visible entrance holes. A characteristic of the Fire Ant is it's aggressive behavior. However their aggressive behavior is a response triggered by nest disturbance. Their sting is vigorous and painful.